Operation G.R.I. T. S. is based in Vidalia, Louisiana.  One of the things we Louisianians are known for is our good food!   Every year during the Mardi Gras Season since 2013 we have sent king cakes to some of our soldiers who are overseas.   We also send them coffee, hot chocolate and condiments.  We can ship eight cakes along with the condiments in one box.  We usually ship forty cakes to a unit, in five boxes.  

We are now working with Jason Tyson at the Donut Shop in Natchez, MS.  He works tirelessly making sure we can send them the freshest, best tasting cakes possible.  

 From the pictures below, it certainly looks like the soldiers do enjoy their "Taste of Home" or if they aren't from our area, they get a "Taste of Louisiana"