Mark LaFrancis
Is also a board member.  He is retired from the USAF and currently serves as President of Home with Heroes a veterans organization

our leadership team

Our founder

Kathleen Stevens
Vice-President, is a Blue Star mother of two sons who are currently serving our country


I have tremendous respect and admiration for the men and women who risk their lives to defend our freedom.  I believe that due the highly patriotic and generous spirit of our community many others also feel the same way too and want a way to show it at Christmas. A time when we also remember the sacrifice of one man for our freedom from sin. 

Taste of Home had its begininning in the Spring of 2014 sending 40 king cakes , coffee and condiments because a soldier asked for a king cake.

Foundation History


Operation G.R.I.T.S. is comprised solely of volunteers from our community

Beaux Pilgrim 
is our Secretary/Treasurer.  He also works hard behind the scenes, helping load boxes on shipping day

Pattie Reed Jones


Our mission is to continue to grow into other communites in order to reach every soldier who is away from their family at Christmas

2010 - OPERATION G.R.I.T.S began by sending 325 boxes to Soldiers stationed in Baghdad, Iraq


2011 - A local transportation unit was deployed to Afghanistan, over 500 boxes were sent and another 200 were sent to a base in Kuwait. 

2012 -OPERATION G.R.I.T.S. sent over 500 boxes to bases in Kuwait and Afghanistan. 

2013   Boxes were sent to bases in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

2014 nealy 400 boxes sent to Germany, Kuwait and Afghanistan

2015 Boxes sent to Japan, Germany and Kuwait.